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as, for



i recall a friend saying little more than MORE when the end was considered

/ design as
/ design for

If the study and practice includes all audiences, forms, content, contexts, surfaces, environments, dimensions

histories & futures

if the means value

individual : collective

virtual : real

noun : verb

if the goal is preferred development, health, learning, life, community & environment


if we claim this Now-Discipline of All-ness, advocate it & profess it

How does it change us?


[it’s a bit, a gambit, it points — like noting the design of dog food packaging]

\ or the justification of existing interest and motive / self unchanging already-as

designer-as designer-for


2 up

make nothing of it

a sort of image




through interaction with people, objects, and environments and the formation of…
to the degree…
through direct and accumulated experience…


outside of silence re: not ready to know

pause, velocity
routine and ritual

time studies

. . .


excuse of practicality
comfort and safety

design studies
software studies
digital humanities

must nots

epic design firm qualifiers
the newer value-added design thinking
redundancy in ‘strategic design’ \ as tactic

carrying capacity
peak supply
supernormal stimuli
resting states
herd health
metaphors of respiration

\\ historical narratives, biographical memoirs, manners and customs, topographical descriptions, sketches and tales, anecdotes //


sustained, resilient, smart, useful, fitting, fun, serious, sincere-silly acts of a leaping heart, interested, hopeful and healthy

the word ‘perhaps’
adapted screen plays
blown ethos
list making
the big act





more, that is what my friend said, that is what i remember most


and if

behavior/value/routine change?

\ or the justification of existing interest and motive / self unchanging already-as

designer-as / designer as
designer-for / designer for



something about editing

The third time it was the same as the first two but louder.

I have no more tricks. [exact words]
Won’t work.
Won’t listen.
Cell phones.

No more tricks.



[ , exasperated



i recall huffs, sighs — the huffs and the sighs are imagined but after hearing this same said in the hall, yes — huffs and sighs —

and in another talk about other humans, closer ones, lower tones, sons and daughters:
It did not take.
It did not take. [exact words]

This parental relationship did not take.
Did not take.
Like what?


word sounds

, next


[ . . . . ]



an image of words



[ . . . . ]


Those layers were added, complex.

We and they did hyphenate design with every study in the university and ‘study’ itself. Time and motion and writings on time and motion and then scales of systems and natural and generations of family to come and we gave it a try, tested:

— jump in there and let go to see what can happen. Sound. Layers, InDesIlluShopping, some scripting for on-enter and any 3-D rendering tilt world, any of that?

— flipped the classroom, MOOC’d, brought in the UX all-stars, integrated the D-thinking mantras, stopped to think of the juggling and singing and play-acting that could fill the program of the new community plaza-library (maybe mimes, sales, animal acts), read our business management animal metaphors (cows, hedgehogs, stacked minds, reptilian, neuro’d-up), took the empathy exam. [right?]

— made things, of course, information design pointing at social design, those wall-size posters explaining, diagramming, good stuff branded as such (GOOD, better, KIND, more, MATTER, small, SMART, warm [right.]

— and cycles and scales and simultaneity, simulation, gamed on multiple platforms, and again we busted out the post-it think sessions, cardio.


And we become teachers of course, that course, the similar one — exuberant or defeated by cell phones.


and we anthro’d-up, closer, lower, like sons and daughters

It did not take.


, next



[ . . . . ]





[ . . . . ]





— a trick.


, a common clique







. —







. —

the mirror





I never understood why people stopped talking. As if some seperation and silence was the act of keen wisdom or the resut of recognizing some deep truth that there was nothing to be gained by continuing. Possibly much the opposite in that it was a safer and smarter route in silence. Too busy or other-worlding or not interested or something else. I don’t want to. The worst sort of wisdom and non-peace. Limits. More.
More, yes, more. If you wait till everyone is ready, then nevermore. This was

make nothing of it

ditto ditto a do

letters etc
auto copy - call me sometime and we will talk about it - taking time

that is the question - nonsense - to whom, for whom, and that not-readiness, //// scratch that - slower now

from slide one to the last, it was composed of quotes taken - ones we had heard for the last decade - ones that bit dull for we were there enough


a line and blocks, dashed blocked

ditto ditto


design-as / design-for

said language, dialect \ said color wheel, contrast

said context, scale \ for the forms, plastic

but from the people they ran like hell

as safety cliques, as easy and safe decades, as away-from and silent-to

there there

yet design for beyond 7 gens is what was said \ but fail-more, open-more, flex-more is what was said

but the humane! \ the collective humility \ the method and process

and from the people they ran like ———— !

for the day was full, for it was ripe with reason (excusing self as self, that day job self)

designer-as / designer-for



a game


a large image of words, yet, what is more important is here: what do we edit for our form of wholism —


color spec

a pile of pixels

another pile of pixels, less color

page and grid





this here

no quo num da no quo num quo


returning to first lessons

num quo


five P M




A Plain Tract on Singing in Public












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